Our Practice

Push past the obstacles during rehabilitation and performance training by taking your body to the Next Level. Next Level Physio is designed to raise the bar on total wellness, addressing all aspects of fitness and health. Physical therapy doesn’t just boil down to injuries. We work with all athletes who need rehabilitation or those who are looking for a total-wellness boost. Plans are tailored to meet the needs of the individual—from biomechanics, conditioning, to proper nutrition. Allow us to help you reach your gym goals.

Our Mission

MOVE, EXCEL, INSPIRE is the muscle behind Next Level Physio. It puts the MOVEment into physical therapy when treating clients, allowing those of any age and skill level to EXCEL to the next level through strengthening, conditioning, and performance-based programs. Clients who achieve their fitness goals INSPIRE those to keep reaching for higher bars. For athletes to witness their progress, a well-trained healthcare provider leads by example. The muscle behind Next Level has created a robust fitness-oriented community who are active participants in daily workouts and races. Experience the MOVEment at Next Level for your rehabilitation needs or if you’re looking to enhance your athletic prowess.

Our Core Team

Looking for a total-body strengthening program or trying to mend injured areas? The staff at Next Level Physio have 17 years of clinical expertise and sports performance coaching. They’ll train you with variety and intensity to keep your body moving. Give your health a lift at their Woodcliff Lake, NJ based office. Meet our team.